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Attract Members.

Using our decades of experience in online marketing and lead generation, HPOne generates some of the nation's highest quality, exclusive consumer health insurance leads in the industry.

Digital Marketing

Quality Leads Mean Improved ROI

Health plans are always seeking to generate the best return for their marketing dollars. Key to this is the skillful use of various digital marketing tactics including paid search and organic search as well as contextual, retargeting and social media channels. We pursue both Medicare and Individual & Family health insurance leads and can distribute those leads in real-time to a partner. The best part is that this marketing can augment a health plan's existing marketing campaigns to expand reach and reduce reliance on any one channel.

HPOne Leads Generated

Lead Management

Maximum Conversion Through Smart Lead Management

Health plans can more effectively reach prospects by understanding their online behavior and product inquiries. Our specialization in health insurance means that we can adjust tactics to target high caliber prospects.

Lower Costs

Sophisticated targeting lowers the cost of each lead and increases close rates.

Better Data

We verify each prospect and validate their data to ensure an ideal match, as well as informational completion.

Higher Close

Lead quality is guaranteed to surpass marketplace standards, including direct mail and purchased lists.

$1.5 Billion And Counting

HPOne has written over $1.5 billion in premiums to date using the strength of expert agents and technological resources.

Performance Marketing

New Enrollments. Guaranteed Cost

Moving from Generation to Closed Sales

For many health plans, big and small, hitting both enrollment targets and cost per acquisition targets seems an impossible task. That's why our Performance Marketing program has been called the perfect solution.

A no risk proposition for any health plan, we collaborate with you to establish enrollment and acquisition cost targets and we'll take it from there. Our proprietary marketing, lead nurturing and licensed agents work solely on your behalf to hit your targets. The full operational infrastructure of our sizable outsource contact centers is leveraged for our Performance Marketing clients, ensuring that every agent interaction is compliant and optimized for conversion.

The result is enrollment goals and cost expectations are met with no investment or risk for the health plan. Guaranteed. How's that for Performance!