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This web site is brought to you by the following licensed brokers in each respective state, which require insurance transactions to be conducted through a licensed agent/broker. Each agent/ broker is associated with HealthPlanOne, LLC, with its principal place of business at 35 Nutmeg Drive, Suite 220, Trumbull CT 06611.

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State License No.
Alabama 261868
Alaska 54870
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Arkansas 100102773
California 0F30784
Colorado 265376
Connecticut 2252528
Delaware 1041791
DC 2834747
Florida L003887
Georgia 116599
Hawaii 376496
Idaho 138711
Illinois 100285664
Indiana 38132
Iowa 1001003423
Kansas 204098658-0
Kentucky DOI-633199
Louisiana 332815
Maine AGN150231
Maryland 99952580
Massachusetts 1886488
Michigan 78548
Minnesota  40040992
Mississippi 15005672
Missouri 8021494
Montana 706334
Nebraska 100173380
Nevada 498885
New Hampshire 2001232
New Jersey 1067556
New Mexico 1800005445
New York LA-1024797
North Carolina 1000001822
North Dakota 20295112
Ohio 34232
Oklahoma 100100439
Oregon 100167999
Pennsylvania 457075
Rhode Island 2044085
South Carolina 1905753648
South Dakota 10003612
Tennessee 3557
Texas 1381772
Utah 263678
Vermont 725449
Virginia 102990
Washington 720222
West Virginia 100109397
Wisconsin 100195816
Wyoming 164505