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Acquire Members.

HPOne's contact center services turns prospects into members by combining expert agent teams with technology customized for health insurance sales.

Contact Center

Highest Close Rate +
Exceptional Quality Outcomes

Sales Cycle

Health insurance is a business of peaks and valleys. Whether you have a new product launch, marketing campaign or need to ramp-up during the annual enrollment period, we can install highly skilled sales contact center solutions. Health plans aren't saddled with staffing, training and monitoring during high volume sales cycles like the annual enrollment period.

Pairing Human with
Technological Capabilities

HPOne delivers unparalleled sales by aligning expert agents with state-of-the-art technology. This isn't just lip service. We guarantee the industry's highest close rates alongside high quality scores. This way we simultaneously meet the regulatory conditions of the industry and the needs of the business. Reporting capabilities give health plans unprecedented clarity into campaign and product performance.


Our Agents Are Your
Brand Advocates

Agents are a seamless extension of a client's internal organization. We take this role seriously and assume our clients' needs as our own. From recruitment and hiring, training and onboarding, all elements are in place to ensure optimal program success. Clients can rest easy knowing that their member experience platforms are expertly managed. Our expert licensed teams work to understand a prospect's needs and enroll them into a plan that best fits. This isn't just smart business. It ensures longer-term retention when a goal match between your soon to be member and plan is made.

Targeted Recruiting

Targeted Recruiting

We only select people that exhibit the core qualities of success, like empathy, compassion, patience and relevant experience. Each candidate is graded on a proprietary scale to quantitatively identify the best agents.

Dynamic Training

Dynamic Training

Agents are trained on a health plan's suite of products and services plus company culture and brand personality so that we function as a seamless extension. All agents undergo multiple levels of sales, compliance, industry, QA, adherence, and Member Sensitivity Training as well as AHIP and Medicare 101 training.

Expert Management

Expert Management

Dedicated management teams have decades of experience in contact center operations. Each program is assigned a QA Manager and agents must meet specific KPIs, including quality assurance, CMS, compliance and communication standards. HPOne's quality results often exceed standard industry and CMS thresholds.


Automation Custom Crafted for an Insurance Contact Center

We have customized a powerful suite of cloud-based contact center, call routing, self-service IVR and agent optimization tools. Our automation tools are designed by industry experts who know the agent-caller experience and how to optimize it through technology. HPOne's custom suite of contact center functionality creates better communications, drives conversions, and provides data for enhanced business intelligence.

Computer Monitor

Maximum Engagement. Minimum Disruption.

100% dedication to the health insurance industry means that all agent tools are created and customized to optimize the agent-caller interaction. This guarantees better connections, less dead air and less focus on data entry and computer screens. Our technology suite takes care of the busywork in traditional contact center automation so agents can focus on what is important: your prospects and members.

Features like telephony integration that search the CRM for the person by phone number and matches it with the ideal agent, along with highlights from the previous interaction eliminate dead air, redundant data entry and improved data integrity.

Powerfully & Securely Integrated

Our fully-integrated CRM and telephony-integrated health insurance system can route calls based on unlimited custom conditions like lead source, member need and toll-free numbers. 100% of calls are recorded and securely encrypted with immediate 24/7 access for your sales, marketing and compliance teams.

Responsive IVR

Prompts, self-service, call routing, outbound messages, dynamic menus, campaigns, and lead source customization.

Cloud Flexibility

Optimal flexibility, instant backup, and hosted integration for ultimate scalability.

Skill-based Routing

ACD-enabled routing by agent area of proficiency to deliver callers to the best resource that can meet their needs.

Dynamic Workforce Management

Real-time adherence to historical performance. Staffing smarter to optimize availability and member support.

Powerful Telephony

Automatic CTI screen pops with contact and history for faster first call resolutions (FCR).

Plan Quoting Tool

Advanced plan quoting tool for a higher degree of custom consulting sales and acquisitions.

Personal Attention

Callers are directed to specific agents where a prior connection was made, providing greater personalization and member satisfaction.

Omnichannel Activated

Multichannel and integrated inbound, outbound, mobile, social and digital environments to support customers wherever they are at the moment of connection.

Actions Speak Volumes.

HPOne wins in technological sophistication.

Our technology is so scalable and custom-fit to the needs of the health insurance industry that our competitors often covet it. Even our clients think so. In fact, over 40% of the health plans we work with have licensed our CRM suite for their own operations. We have been widely recognized by key industry analysts, receiving multiple awards. Leading the charts for seven consecutive years, HPOne has been voted a technology award winner by Deloitte's© Technology Fast 500 and Marcum's© “Tech Top 40”.

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Ultimate Campaign
Performance Clarity

Client access to our sophisticated reporting system is comprehensive and allows real-time visibility into campaign metrics to help with business intelligence and strategic planning. We leverage the annual enrollment sales cycle, defining strategies to reach membership goals and align revenue streams. Equipping agents to convert an increased number of prospects into new members.

Empowering Health Plans
with Greater Insight


Data Analytics

Comprehensive call metrics deliver information that can help a health plan meet aggressive goals and stay ahead of the competition. Performance analysis to ensure optimal conversations, data tracking, and call dispositions.


Real-Time Metrics

Sales and operations performance captured and reported in real-time. From calls in queue to overall marketing campaign performance, reporting capabilities are near limitless.


Customizable Dashboards

The business intelligence dashboard can be configured to any request and requirements in an instant. No more waiting hours or days to see results for new product sales or campaign performance.


On-demands Access

Real-time and on-demand contact center KPIs can be securely accessed 24/7 from anywhere, at any time. Clients can view metrics via mobile devices, tablets and desktop platforms.


In Our World, "Standard" Actually Means "Unlimited"

Unrivaled Reporting Capabilities

HPOne's reporting capabilities are robust, on-demand, and provide maximum insight into marketing, sales and operational performance. When we say “standard” reporting options, we really mean “unlimited.” Our team develops custom reports for clients with near-limitless capabilities.

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