Case Study > Rapid Medicare Sales Growth


A nationwide health insurance organization providing coverage for thousands of members and provider networks contacted HPOne to increase their Medicare enrollment.


Our client counts on HPOne to acquire a large number of Medicare members each year. The Health Plan approached HPOne with a request to meet an unprecedented goal. Could HPOne acquire an additional 2,000 Medicare members during open enrollment? We welcomed the challenge.


After a comprehensive analysis of the organization's needs, our team rapidly designed a Medicare member acquisition action plan to attain the largest share of Medicare members by selling intelligently.

  • 1. Nationwide Competitive Analysis

    We conducted a nationwide analysis of our client's Medicare competitors and used this to strategically outreach in key markets.

  • 2. Quality Lead Generation

    As one of the industry's largest lead generators, we quickly allocated spend in specific areas for better lead generation. We also leveraged access to generic real-time Medicare leads, which were scrubbed against a national database.

  • 3. Focused Sales Strategy

    Our custom designed training program emphasized the benefits of the client's Medicare offerings. A consumer-facing website and quoting tool was built. Using skill-based routing, we pushed an increased number of calls to our high performing agents.


We exceeded our client's goal by over 3,000 contracts, delivering well over 5,000 new members. They praised the multi-functional approach to increase member acquisition while maintaining high levels of compliance across the entire enrollment period.