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HealthPlanOne LLC Announces Launch of ClearMatch Medicare Brand and Website

Aims to make Medicare information simpler to understand, support better health and deliver peace of mind

Trumbull, CT, October 7, 2021 – HealthPlanOne LLC, a fast-growing company at the cross-section of technology, analytics, marketing, and customer experience, today announced the launch of its ClearMatchâ„¢ Medicare brand and, a consumer-facing content and ecommerce site. delivers easy-to-understand, engaging resources and visitor-friendly ecommerce tools so customers can learn about Medicare options, explore Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans that cover doctors’ visits and prescription drugs, as well as opportunities to enroll online.

“We’ve partnered with most major carriers across America and have fifteen years’ experience of helping people learn about and choose Medicare plans. Now, through ClearMatchâ„¢ Medicare, we can combine top-notch technology and the caring, personal attention our agents are known for to expand our reach dramatically,” explained founder and CEO Bill Stapleton.

The goal of the ClearMatchâ„¢ Medicare brand is to match each customer with a Medicare plan that delivers the benefits the customer is entitled to, to support better health and deliver peace of mind.

The company expects potential customers will benefit from its digital content and leverage a hybrid approach – ecommerce plus a licensed ClearMatch™ Medicare insurance agent – to gain a solid understanding of options and enroll in a plan. ClearMatch™ Medicare agents, supported by the company, are incentivized to develop and maintain long-standing relationships with each customer to ensure satisfaction.

“Today, nearly two-thirds of Medicare members begin the learning and discovery process online,” said Keira Krausz, Chief Marketing Officer.  “We aim to deliver information anyone can understand, and then support customers in the way that works for them – via our compassionate, highly knowledgeable agents, or our ecommerce capabilities, or some combination of both.”

The company will support the ClearMatch™ Medicare brand during the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period (October 15 – December 7) through a coordinated marketing campaign across multiple channels, including television, social media, YouTube, content marketing, display, search, and email.

About HealthPlanOne LLC
HealthPlanOne is a fast-growing company at the cross-section of technology, analytics, marketing, and customer experience. The company launched the ClearMatchâ„¢ Medicare brand, in order to help “decomplexify” Medicare for customers across the country to match each customer with the optimal plan, with a focus on the long term, to support better health and deliver peace of mind. Since 2006, HealthPlanOne’s highly experienced agents, uniquely personal service, diverse solutions, and proprietary analytics have made the company one of the highest performing lead generation, member acquisition and retention teams in the industry. With nine locations across the country, HealthPlanOne serves consumers in every state. In 2020, HealthPlanOne announced a recapitalization of the company with Lightyear Capital, which led to a cash investment supporting future growth and strategic objectives. For more information, visit

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