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We are relentlessly focused on getting one important thing right

We succeed through our single-minded focus on matching people with the right insurance to fit their healthcare needs.

Essentially HPOne

People are at the center of everything we do

People come to us at a critical time in their lives. They rely on us for help in making one of their most important decisions — a choice that effects their health, wellbeing, and peace of mind. To be sure that we are prepared to do our very best at matching our customers with the health and Medicare insurance products that best fit their needs we focus on two principles.

Hire Talent

We are uncompromising in the quality and engagement of all of our employees. Our colleagues are the connection point between our customers and the health insurance they want and need. We hire the best people and train them to become expert agents who can simplify a customer's journey through the world of insurance.

High Tech

The right tools enhance the effectiveness of even the best people. HPOne has developed proprietary technology specifically for our agents. Our CRM system is integrated with cloud-based telephony so our agents can quickly and accurately match customers with the best health insurance plans for their unique needs.

Connecting customers with solutions that fit


All of our preparation to serve customers goes to waste if people can't find us. Using our decades of experience in online marketing and lead generation we have made it easy for people to find us when they need us. And our agents benefit from the high volume, high quality leads we provide for them.


Matching people with the right health insurance coverage is a complex process. Comparing the wide variety of available plans with a customer's location, financial requirements, health status, desire for access to care, and many other lifestyle factors requires sophisticated systems that can manage data and customer profiles. We have specifically designed our technology to give our agents the best advantage at making a match that will deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Essentially HPOne

Our Story

HPOne was started in 2006 with a singular vision: create custom sales, marketing and contact center solutions exclusively for the health and Medicare insurance products.

Since our beginnings, HPOne has grown dramatically. We may be bigger in size, but our focus on optimizing health insurance consumer interactions has never been clearer. We have become one of the highest performing marketing, member acquisition and retention companies in the industry, the largest producer of exclusive Medicare leads, and have expanded into nine locations serving consumers seeking Medicare and health insurance in every state.

Our mission continues to be finding the right plans that fit our customer's needs and supporting those customers through enrollment. Year after year we will remain available to customers to make sure they are still satisfied with their plans, or if life changes require new solutions for their healthcare.

Our Culture

We are a fast-growing company in an industry that is rapidly changing. But our relentless focus on having the most qualified and engaged employees will never change.

The HPOne environment encourages collaboration, transparency, open dialogue, and professional growth. Employees routinely describe HPOne as "welcoming," "innovative" and "motivational." We treat employees across the entire organization like trusted colleagues, regularly seeking broad input to design what we know to be the best operation in the industry.

An entrepreneurial spirit is in our DNA. We require excellence in every task that we undertake. All contributions are valued and everyone on staff pitches in to create a culture where success is the standard and challenges are seen as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Every employee — from agents to programmers and senior management — is aligned around the central objective to deliver the most value for consumers. Think your values align with ours? Checkout our CAREERS and learn more about job opportunities.

What We Believe

The HPOne Philosophy


Health insurance should not be complicated

We believe the process of choosing and accessing health insurance should not be complicated. From simplifying the plan selection process to member service, we do it all. Emphasizing quality interactions, regulatory adherence and consumer-centricity, HPOne's industry-leading solutions are built to the highest level of customer satisfaction.


People create exceptional member experience

HPOne knows that our people are the connection point between members and the health insurance coverage they want. We hire expert agents who are trained on the consultative communication approach to simplify the world of insurance and create better member interactions. No matter what type of health or Medicare coverage fits best, we work best on behalf of clients seeking a consultative, consumer-friendly engagement.


Technology must facilitate human connections

HPOne creates solutions that support seamless agent-customer interactions. We are in the forefront of the industry – deploying innovative technologies that integrate a sophisticated CRM, a quoting and enrollment engine, and a cloud-based telephony system into a custom solution designed for the needs of the people shopping for health insurance.

From Our Team

  • Monique Mora

    There's not one day that goes by where I don't learn something new and that's always exciting.

    Monique Mora Medicare Team Lead

  • Marcia Chance

    It's a wonderful experience. The company supports you and really helps you perform at your best.

    Marcia Chance Licensed Sales Agent

  • James Severson

    There's an environment that fosters support and teamwork that really allows the agents to have a quality experience.

    James Severson Operations Manager

Happy employees make for the best team members